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  • It turns out that private customization of watches can be customized in these aspects

    1. You can customize the style; everyone has different ideas, so you can report the type you like to the designer, and the designer will produce a manuscript of the watch for private customization. put into production.2. The drawing of fonts and logos; not only on the back of the watch, but also on

  • The reason for the existence of watch customization enterprises

    What is the general program of watch customization companies? Obviously, companies that survive, survive for a long time, and can survive to the end must be good companies. This general principle has become the last word of the enterprise.The long-term research issue for enterprises is how to surviv

  • Grinding the invisible imprint of advanced mechanical watches

    Someone once said that the price difference between high-end watches and ordinary watches is not only because of the brand value and the materials used for the watches, but also because of an invisible imprint—polishing. When the degree of industrialization was not high, everyone could only rely on

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