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Grinding the invisible imprint of advanced mechanical watches

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 28-12-2022      Origin: Site

Someone once said that the price difference between high-end watches and ordinary watches is not only because of the brand value and the materials used for the watches, but also because of an invisible imprint—polishing. When the degree of industrialization was not high, everyone could only rely on lathes and hand-made mechanical timepieces. You can also say that it was the age of clocks, pocket watches, and even the early days of wristwatches. Timepieces at that time were durable and exquisite, because watchmaking The master spends a lot of energy to complete a work. Of course, he does not want this work to be scrapped soon, and in many cases these clocks are made for nobles and royal families, so they are very elegant, and polishing is also one of the processes. Next, watches and clocks have become so popular that everyone can own one or even several good watches. Compete. In addition to the difference in the logo on the dial, whether the watch is high-end, or whether it is worth collecting, can often be concluded through subtle polishing.


The popularity of decorative polishing is the result of the development of modern wristwatches. It is true that during the period when pocket watches were very popular, the movement would also have corresponding decorative polishing, but it is far from the current popularity and richness. See-through watches are becoming more and more common, and it is beginning to require good decoration on the surface of the movement to increase appreciation. There are many kinds of decorative polishing, very common ones are Geneva pattern polishing, pearl dot pattern polishing, chamfering, frosting pattern, polishing, polishing, etc., a large part of which are polished by machines, and what we want to say , is the exquisiteness and craftsman spirit polished by hand.

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